Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Premiere

We're just about done here.

The official date for the premiere is 10/9/11. Location is Hollywood. (Well, technically, it's North Hollywood, CA, but Hey, it's got Hollywood in the name.)
The cast and crew screening is the day before, 10/8/11.
Your's truly is planning on attending both screenings. Whoohooo! Got the plane tickets and everything. Will go, take some pics, bring them back to Austin, post them here.

And then?

Look up there, and you'll see I titled this thing "From pre-production to premiere". It's that premiere word. It's almost here. We're almost done.

Looking back, the first post to this blog was 8/18/09, slightly over 2 years ago. Lot of work between then and now, lots of things have happened.

Plenty of times, between now and 2+ years ago, I thought this screenplay was just like the others, shelved and still-born.

Glad to see how wrong I was.

Take a moral lesson from that?

Monday, July 11, 2011


Just heard from Maurice - Sixufus is now considered finished! All the technical steps that amount to post production work have been taken, the cut is finished, the sound is done, the final render is cooked. The project is completed.

I'm speaking technically, of course. All the experience, skill, and artistic gifting of a whole group of folks has been poured out on this thing. Somebody pop a cork with me and our illustrious director:
NOW all we've got to do is get the buns in the seats; convince people it's worth seeing. That might include festival folks, might not - Maurice and Co. will be courting distributors, who are the folks with the wherewithal to spread it to theaters across the country. We might end up gracing the screens of Sundance, Toronto, or Austin. Or not. Can't guarantee what'll transpire - This is one of those "wait and see" thingies that's now, officially, out of our hands.

But there's one more thing still within our control - The premiere for cast and crew! Maurice plans on putting one together "soon" in Tinseltown, and I have every intention of attending. Details (and hopefully pictures) to come!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Haven't been a lot of newsworthy items on the Sixufus front lately.  Seems post was mostly shut down over Christmas, while Anaik Films is gearing up for other productions - A short, two other feature-lengths. 

Looking back, I see where the script was finished in early September, 2009.  The project started before that, so you could say this film has been a work in progress for one and a half years.  Flies by when you're working on it - Honing it, building it up, scraping away the rough edges.  But it positively crawls by when you're waiting in the wings.

Post production has claimed it's victims, film-wise.  I've already lost one to post.  But the good news is, Sixufus is not one of those -

The latest from Maurice Moore is that the going is slow, but it's steady.  The film is being edited by the brothers Rios in Spain; Maurice is in LA.  There's a time gap (9 hours) that they must cross on a regular basis, with Moe seeing rough cuts of various scenes and the brothers working off his notes.  Meanwhile, everyone has to keep the bills paid via their day jobs.  

At this rate, we expect a rough cut of the entire film at some point in February.  

This doesn't mean it will be done.  No.  This is merely the foundation of post, upon which all of the shining key pieces (such as music and sound) will be built.  But it is a significant milestone on the Sixufus timeline....