Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Premiere

We're just about done here.

The official date for the premiere is 10/9/11. Location is Hollywood. (Well, technically, it's North Hollywood, CA, but Hey, it's got Hollywood in the name.)
The cast and crew screening is the day before, 10/8/11.
Your's truly is planning on attending both screenings. Whoohooo! Got the plane tickets and everything. Will go, take some pics, bring them back to Austin, post them here.

And then?

Look up there, and you'll see I titled this thing "From pre-production to premiere". It's that premiere word. It's almost here. We're almost done.

Looking back, the first post to this blog was 8/18/09, slightly over 2 years ago. Lot of work between then and now, lots of things have happened.

Plenty of times, between now and 2+ years ago, I thought this screenplay was just like the others, shelved and still-born.

Glad to see how wrong I was.

Take a moral lesson from that?

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